YouTube is a great resource of relief, don’t you think? It comes to your rescue when you are bored, lonely, in need of entertainment and rarely, in the quest for knowledge. Meanwhile, satiating our needs is a group of people whom we call vloggers. They have taken to this video hosting platform to share their bit of story, which is a great thing. However, there’s a specific group with accounts that are so bad that they are good.

Follow These 3 YouTube Accounts not for Anything Else, but Sheer Fun

Taher Shah

Taher Shah

Must say, this person is a gem. Very recently, he rose to fame (?) by dint of his number ‘Angel.’ Taher Shah, the ‘sensational’ singer from Pakistan has been garnering massive responses ever since.

Here are a few comments from his Facebook page:

You should get the Nobel prize of literature for writing so deep lyrics and academy award for this even deeper video. What a genius you are. In next video also show some body and people will forget Salman khan.

I was watching this when my parents walked into my room. I immediately switched over to porn because it was more explainable.

This song saved my life, i was in coma , someone played this song on radio, i woke up from the coma , walk towards radio and switched off the radio. (via ANAND BHAI FROM MUNNA BHAI MBBS )

Reportedly, actor Hrithik Roshan dedicated a song of Mr. Shah to fellow actor Ranveer Singh tweeting ‘One day I want you to outdo this!’ Ranveer, too, accepted the challenge and recorded a dubsmash video featuring him syncing to the song. The video received more than 1.9 million views in just a couple of days. It’s tough to ascertain if the popularity was because of Taher Shah or Ranveer Singh.

Click here to visit Taher Shah’s YouTube account.

Or, enjoy ‘Angel’ in this video:

Kudos to this man for this dauntless confidence!

Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK


Just no words for this guy. He has been tagged a practical comedian, all thanks to his antics. KRK loves to vlog on YouTube, especially when it comes to new movie releases. His Twitter account is equally amusing.

KRK says he dwells in a 21,000 sq ft residence, consumes milk that’s supplied from Holland, tea that comes from London and water that’s obtained from France. Whoa! And his YouTube account has more than 80,000 subscribers. Now that’s really something.

Seeing is believing. So, here’s a video of a movie review by this persona:

Also, read these hilarious tweets by him (RIP, Grammar):

If you are a star n gets only 400-500 RT on your tweets then use name of KRK n guaranteed you will get more than 5000 RT coz of his stardom.

Every idiot using Facebook so at least #Twitter shud be for educated ppl so @twitter shuldn’t allow any1 2use who doesn’t hav 5lacs in bank.

Girls I am not interested to celebrate valentine with anybody so stop flitring with me. I am a shareef Banda you go n find one lafangaa.

Ahem! Want to follow KRK on YouTube? Here’s the link.

Love him or hate him, there’s no ignoring him. Well, at least that’s what he believes.

Rajkumar Thakuria aka Mr Rajkumar

Mr. Rajkumar

While the other two are overly famous, there’s this guy from Assam who could put even Rajinikanth to shame. He is an action superstar. He is the producer, director, actor, singer, and dancer in his own films. Mr Rajkumar has attained a cult status in the state and is awaiting his fame across the country and beyond.

He is the maker of movies like ‘Criminal Hunter,’ ‘Animal Killer,’ ‘Super Master,’ and ‘Terrorist Enter My House.’ Presently, he doesn’t have a YouTube account of his own. But, you can subscribe to the accounts of those who devotedly upload his ‘sensible’ movies.

Here’s what people are saying about his movies:

10/10 from me brilliant movie, Batman v Superman looks like shit in front of it.

My 3 all time fav. Director (1) steven spielberg. (2) Michael bay. (3) Mr. Rajkumar.

One Q: WHY DO YOU DO THAT? (Just Curiosity)

Enjoy one of his epic movies on YouTube. I mean, suffer!

Take a bow man, take a bow! Hope you come up with your very own YouTube channel soon.

Reader, do subscribe to these channels. I tell you, you’re going to see the funny side of what’s not supposed to be funny.

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